Welcome here. I hope you are refreshed at this blog. God has done a great work in healing, and showing me a path towards health and wholeness, and it’s a gift I wish I could give to every person out there. I may not know your struggles, your pain points, or what exhausts you, but God does. And perhaps my story, thoughts, devotionals and prayers can meet you on your journey as well.

Here’s what I believe: God created you for a purpose. He loves you, delights in you, and longs for wholehearted, abundant life for you. He fights for you, pursues you and gives himself up for your sake.

He invites us to take him at his word, trust him, follow him and learn that his yoke truly is easy, and the burden is light when we walk in his ways.

It may seem impossible to you. It may seem like it’s truth for someone else’s life – someone more deserving, someone with more resources, someone with less demands, or really anyone else… just not for me, not for now.

My prayer is not that you would abandon the life you have, throw everything away or give up… but rather that something would spark your curiosity and lead you to “what if?”

What if it is true? What if it is for you? What if wholeness is possible? What if abundant life is not just a T-shirt slogan, or a one-day-in-heaven promise, but something that you could taste… today?

What if?

I’m praying for you, sister, for your freedom and joy, rest and peace, wholeness and abundance.

And I believe wholeheartedly that you will find them in Christ.