A nation in mourning

Indigenous woman protectively holding a child, painted on a standing stone in a local park

Dear Lord,

I am speechless. 

I want to claim ignorance, to distance myself from the white, religious perpetrators of this, to say I am not like this and this is not me.

Yet as I see so many of your children distancing themselves I wonder, who is left to stand?

We distanced ourselves so much we made the children disappear.


Not them.


So I am trying to stand – shaky and uncertain.

Stand by those graves and weep, and say I am so, so, sorry over and over again.

Place a marker over each one, calling them by name, not numbers, saying you matter and never again and I will not forget.

Those graves were hidden because everyone had distanced themselves, because nobody was willing to see.

I will try to stand close. I will open my eyes to see. And I will say: I am so, so, sorry.