Wide open spaces

It’s been quiet on the blog this last month – even though we ramped down the hustle of Christmas, it takes a lot of wide open space for me to engage my brain and soul at the same time, and though I enjoyed the season, it felt like all my energy went towards keeping my sanity levels reasonable.  Fair enough.

I expected last week, with the kids back to school and my husband back at work half time, I’d have that space.

Then, #momlife.

Can I just point out this photographer’s dust rag is prettier than most of my scarves? My cleaning supplies NEVER look that lovely!

Wide open spaces weren’t the only thing neglected over Christmas and the week filled up too quickly with overflowing laundry baskets, empty pantries needing restocking (and not with more chocolate), neglected counters and floors and long-absent communities starting to grasp at each other wanting to regroup for the season.

Some of that was anticipated and I was prepared.

Some of that was unanticipated, and welcome.

And some of it meant one more week without room for my soul to breathe.

Can you demand space?  Steal expanse?  Or is it only a gift to be claimed when everything else falls into place?

Wide Open Spaces

I look ahead to next week: two weeks into routine, and this time ALL family members will be out of the house and about their business.  Will that be my much-needed reprieve?

I’m not holding my breath.  My to-do list is not shrinking.

But I can do something.

Jesus & Tea

I am ready to reclaim my “Jesus & Tea” time.  (I even made the mug).  I’ve found the process of making hot tea works for me to set the tone for my devotional time since my mind tends to go non-stop all day long. 

  • Boiling the kettle = clearing the space in front of me and preparing myself mentally to STOP. 
  • Steeping the tea = preparing my heart.  I light a candle, sometimes turn on the diffuser, dig out my favourite pen and make sure my journal and Bible are within arms reach. 
  • First too-hot sips = silence.  I ALWAYS pause to enjoy my first few sips.  Take deep breaths.  Table my to-do list (write down anything I’m worried I’ll forget).  Pull out my journal and brain dump while the near-boiling beverage cools off.  Let it all out.  My journal is UGLY.  Promise me to never read it, or if you do, don’t judge.  All my rage, disappointment, greed, envy, jealousy, bitterness and hurt comes through that pen onto the pages.  But once it’s out, I’m ready.
  • Drink tea = prayer. My tea has cooled enough that I can cradle it in my hands and talk to Jesus and drink my tea.  Have my love affair with tea and Jesus.  (I feel like that sentence needed a “y’all”.  I think I read too many southern Christian authors!  Jen Hatmaker, Lysa Terkeust, Emily P Freeman!) I’ll sometimes tune into Pray As You Go or Things Above podcasts, but mostly it’s just my time to chat with my Saviour.
  • Finished tea = In the Word. By the time we’ve talked enough, my tea is finished or has gone cold and I put it aside and pull out God’s word. A little more journalling, to make note of anything I heard from Jesus, and I’m ready for the day.

Jesus & tea.  It’s a real thing.  Buy the mug.  No, forget the mug.  Just put the kettle on and meet with Him yourself.

Doing & being

With a full house over Christmas, I found I had to hide away in my room to try to make space to sit with God. But over this month I feel like I’ve just regressed back into “devotional” days.  I DO devotions.  I don’t MEET with my Creator.  For whatever reason, the liturgy of tea makes it a date instead of a task.  I’ll lean in.

The liturgy of tea makes it a date instead of a task

That’s what I’m anticipating this week. Oh, there’s more habits and rhythms I’ll begin to pick up again. I was gifted a treadmill (THANKS Martens!) as I’m wimping out after about 15 minutes of running these days. It takes more than half an hour to hit the zombie zen-like state of mind, so I’m hoping I’ll last a little longer indoors. I desperately miss my ladies small group, and can’t wait to reconnect again. I’m slowly weaning myself off sugar one more time. Good things. Healthy things. Needed things. But mostly, I crave wide-open spaces for my soul to breathe again.

Like Jesus & tea.

Grounding Rituals

What ritual do you need to feel grounded again after a busy season?

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