Talia’s story

My niece turns 4 today.

I promise you won’t get a post celebrating the birthday of every relative… I have a lot! But Talia’s birthday is special, because we never thought we’d have her this long.

There were major complications at Talia’s birth and as a result it has felt like her entire life has come with warning labels, telling us not to hope for much, believe for much, or have her for long. She has by far exceeded any expectation on her life!

We loved her when we first met her, this tiny little bundle, and over the years have marvelled at how this non-verbal child is the extrovert in the family! She loves a good, noisy party! We’re delighted to see her spunky personality come out when she lets us know if she’s happy, sad or mad (usually when she realizes Grandpa’s nearby and she isn’t in his arms!) We are in love with this little girl!

She’s spending her 4th birthday in the hospital. Again. There’s a five hour drive separating her from the care she needs at the hospital and home, so my sister and brother-in-law juggle the responsibilities of one parent in each town, balancing her care, a full time job and two active boys between the two. I am in constant awe of the strength, courage and grace I see in them.

My sister gave me the honour of reading a blog post she had written and I was moved to tears. I am honoured to call Rachel my sister and her words are worth sharing:

It has happened yet again. Talia has been taken by ambulance to the hospital, and less than a day later, flown to Children’s Hospital in Winnipeg. This time she’s been sent to the pediatric intensive care unit… [continue reading at There Is More blog]

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